Bringing People & Process Together

Coaching & Mentoring

In today’s economy, organizations must possess a mission that is focused on service and execution. This focus requires an ability to balance the challenges of an organization’s current reality with its future viability, a value proposition that is often difficult to maintain. The ability to execute and direct an organization quickly to the needs and expectations of its customers and the marketplace will determine an organization’s long-term sustainability. Today’s business leaders must be responsive to shifts of external and internal demands and must align their organizations accordingly. Galilee Agency provides current reality assessments of the leadership capacity, operations management, policies and procedures, and business development.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“One of the most important moments in my life…”

– Jill Marcus, President, Something Classic

“Brenda, we are your 3 little starfishes you picked up off the beach and threw back into the water. You made an incredible difference in the way we view our business and the uniqueness each of us bring to our small but mighty company. You helped bring insight and direction this past year and we will forever be grateful. May our paths cross again very soon!”

– Gretchen Rost, Mom Corps