Bringing People & Process Together


Core Values (How we behave)


Integrity: We will do what we say we will do

Respect: We value the differences, gifts and experiences of others

Innovation: We seek new paths, solutions and strategies that optimize performance

Spirit: We inspire the spirit that exists within individuals and organizations

Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations in all that we do

“Galilee” is a place of transformation historically as well as globally. Even for experienced sailors crossing its waters today, the Galilee Sea is known for its regions of turbulence and uncertainty. The professionals at Galilee Agency understand that although today’s global economy is exciting to many individuals and organizations; it also creates uncertainty for others. New demands for performance and results challenge individuals and organizations to find innovative solutions for minimizing adverse impact to productivity, efficiencies and long-term economic development and growth. Galilee Agency believes that these solutions must begin with the basic elements of trust, communication and a passion for execution. Therefore in all of our endeavors, the values of Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Spirit and Excellence are exemplified.